Mondo's Latest Amazing Poster: Blade Runner's Pleasure Model, Pris!

At its best, Mondo's poster art brings out the intrinsic coolness of famous movie imagery, and makes you see it in a brand new way. Case in point: This new Blade Runner poster by artist Craig Drake manages to showcase the unique playful/weird style of Pris, but also a lot of her sadness and alienation. She's alone in… » 9/10/12 11:20am 9/10/12 11:20am

Crazy 1980s "New Wave" Princess Leia Poster

Have you ever wished that Princess Leia had graced the cover of an early-1980s Duran Duran album? Now that strange desire can be satisfied with this limited-edition poster by Lucas Online's senior designer Craig Drake. Click the image to see a bigger version that's totally awesome! You can buy a print here » 9/25/08 8:00am 9/25/08 8:00am. [via ]