Crank Creators + Television = Zeroes

How can the creators of Crank and Gamer bring their frenetic brand of over-the-top action fantasy to network television? By coming up with a show that cuts straight to the panicked, violent conclusion each and every episode. » 11/02/09 1:30pm 11/02/09 1:30pm

“Crank 2” Is An Epic of Sleazy Darwinism

You know what to expect from Crank 2 in its very first seconds, when the words "Fuck You Chev Chelios" flash on screen in 8-bit videogame script. Because Chev is your hero. Spoilers ahead. » 4/17/09 5:28pm 4/17/09 5:28pm

Amy Smart Talks Crank 3 Possibilities And Dirty Hose Play

We shared a few minutes with Jason Statham's main Crank lady, and she spilled on upping the insanity-sex ante from the original, beating up Bai Ling, and a possible third Crank movie. » 4/14/09 5:04pm 4/14/09 5:04pm

Crank 2 Poster Delivers Exactly What We Want From Statham

Pain, violence, gross pulsing veins — yep, Crank 2 is delivering all the goods I want from this cracked-out Jason Statham flick. Check out each poster separately below. » 1/15/09 7:00am 1/15/09 7:00am

Monsters, The Rock, And Adults Trapped In Teen Bodies Flood Movie…

A monster from Big Man Japan is giving us the old eye-testicle wink, and we're lovin' it. The LA Times has a spread of new movie pics out, and we've picked the best. » 1/12/09 2:00pm 1/12/09 2:00pm