Low Budget Films That Are More Thrilling Than Most Big Summer Movies

Today sees the release of White House Down, which is the most Emmerichian film ever produced. But meanwhile, you could also enjoy Europa Report on VOD or Byzantium in select theaters. Tons of low-budget science fiction and fantasy movies are more exciting than your average big summer blockbuster. Here are 25 of them. » 6/28/13 2:00pm 6/28/13 2:00pm

Paltrow Joins Soderbergh's Virus Thriller. Plus Tons Of Kick-Ass And Defendor Pics

Today's spoilers include pictures from "citizen superhero" epics Kick-Ass and Defendor. Gwyneth Paltrow may be joining Soderbergh's virus-panic movie. A Freaks And Geeks star joins Lost. Gamble talks Supernatural season six! Plus V, Smallville, Caprica and The Crazies spoilers. » 2/17/10 6:00am 2/17/10 6:00am