A heroine who went from burlesque dancing to crime fighting

During the Golden Age of comics, before the rise of the Comics Code Authority, crime was king. Newsstands were filled with lurid titles like Gangsters and Gun Molls, Prison Riot, Murder, Inc., Murderous Gangsters and their equally lurid covers. As obscure as some of these comics were, even more obscure was the one… » 2/13/14 8:00am 2/13/14 8:00am

This court ruling could wreck the future of realistic science fiction

A ruling issued today in an obscure lawsuit against Electronic Arts could have wide-ranging implications for movies, television, and even books — especially if they strive for realism. In fact, alarm bells should be going off for anyone interested in depicting the future realistically in their work. » 8/01/13 5:28pm 8/01/13 5:28pm

Disturbing chart shows rise in “justified killings” of blacks in U.S.

George Zimmerman has been found not guilty of murdering the unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin in Florida. Many Americans were not shocked. And there's a good reason why. Hard data shows that recent U.S. laws make it easy for blacks to be gunned down without anyone being found guilty of murder. » 7/13/13 8:08pm 7/13/13 8:08pm