Bradley Manning and the Future of Punishment

Bradley Manning is an Army intelligence analyst accused of leaking thousands of U.S. diplomatic cables to Wikileaks. Depending on your perspective, he's become a symbol for high tech whistleblowing, or dangerous cyber-crime. Either way, you should be paying attention to his pre-trial hearing, which unfolded this week » 12/21/11 6:04pm 12/21/11 6:04pm

Harvard Task Force Uncovers Biggest Future Threat to Children Online

Countless laws have been proposed to protect kids online. But now a group of Harvard researchers has published a massive study of online dangers to kids, and apparently "other kids" tops the list. The study grew out of an agreement that social networking site MySpace made with the government last year to investigate… » 1/15/09 11:30am 1/15/09 11:30am

Live Piracy Map Reveals Seas Are Still a Pirate's Paradise

Want to know where you're most likely to have your ship hijacked by pirates this year? Now you can, with the help of the International Maritime Bureau's "live piracy map," a Google map mashup that gives you quick, real-time details on all the acts of piracy taking place on the Earth's high seas. Just drill down by… » 11/20/08 11:18am 11/20/08 11:18am