DC's Live Action Heroes Combine in this Awesome Fan Made Crisis On Infinite Earths Trailer

Crisis on Infinite Earths—the epic 1985 DC comics saga brought together disparate heroes across DC’s vast multiverse, and eventually smooshed it all together into a single line of continuity. But now we actually have enough live action adaptations of DC’s heroes for this pretty rad fan mashup, in the style of Crisis. »10/26/15 6:30pm10/26/15 6:30pm


Proof That a Live-Action Crisis on Infinite Earths Is Just Too Awesome to Ever Exist

Some unknown artist assembled what a promotional poster for a live-action version of the seminal comic saga Crisis on Infinite Earths might look like, if it incorporated all of DC’s live-action entertainment—shows, movies, serials from te ‘40s, everything. The result is stunning. »9/23/15 4:46pm9/23/15 4:46pm

Crisis Management: Why DC Comics Is Always Changing Everything

Four years ago, DC Comics killed all of their long-running titles, replacing everything—including their oldest Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman series—with new #1s. This past Friday, they've announced that they're practically doing that again. Big, universe-shuffling change is a constant at DC Comics but it's… »2/09/15 1:49pm2/09/15 1:49pm

Take Your Greasy Fingers Off The Reboot Button, Hollywood!

Click to view »9/05/08 8:00pm9/05/08 8:00pmSo the new movie isn't exactly a reboot, or a prequel. It's more like a "preboot." And the recent was sort of a sequel to , but sort of a reboot. So everyone described it as a "requel." What's wrong with the world when we need to speak crazy jargon just to understand what's going on with our favorite…