Crispin Glover reveals why he was replaced in Back To The Future 2

Little known fact: Crispin Glover refused to be in Back to the Future 2. So director Robert Zemeckis hired a doppelgänger, put him in makeup, and used old clips from Glover's past work on set to fill in any holes. Needless to say, that pissed off the actor (who sued). And now, many years later Glover is elaborating… »8/09/13 1:30pm8/09/13 1:30pm


The Return of "Wizard of Gore" — Drugged-Out Scifi the Way It Was Meant to Be

Meet today's most excellent mad scientist. He's calling himself a wizard, he's played by Crispin Glover (yes!) and he specializes in wowing audiences of young hipsters with his gore-soaked sideshow. In his act, the Wizard makes it appear that he's eviscerated lovely volunteers from the crowd, though in the end they… »8/20/08 2:20pm8/20/08 2:20pm