This Taut, Cruel Horror Flick Is Shot Through a Teen's Laptop Screen 

There are certain films that are so obviously meant to be projected on a big screen it feels wrong to watch them for the first time at home—grandiose, SFX-heavy space sagas like Gravity only feel right splayed across an IMAX canvass. Unfriended, in its scale, has the reverse affect. It’s best watched on a laptop,… »4/17/15 11:56am4/17/15 11:56am


Precocious TV Critic Manages to Sit Still Long Enough to Review an Episode of Doctor Who

If you’re lagging behind in your Doctor Who viewing, you might not want to watch diminutive television critic Lindalee Rose’s review of “The Bells of Saint John” episode because, at a mere four years old, Lindalee has not yet learned the concept of SPOILER ALERT. It’s okay — she has plenty of time to hone her… »4/14/13 4:43pm4/14/13 4:43pm

Pulitzer-Prize-Winning Book Critic Says The Books Critics Hate Are Often The Most Important

Locus interviews Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Michael Dirda, who's been covering science fiction books for the Washington Post for 25 years. And he talks about the huge "breakout" books that he's had reservations about, but also admits that the critics are often wrong about the books that really matter: »12/29/09 2:00pm12/29/09 2:00pm