Flooding in the Balkans Comes with Landmines

Rainfall that usually takes three months dumped in just three days over the Balkan Peninsula this month. The result is devastating floods and thousands of landslides. To make everything just that much worse, the floods are also exposing landmines and washing away warning signs. » 5/20/14 11:31pm 5/20/14 11:31pm

10 striking geographical locales abandoned by humans (and reclaimed by…

To paraphrase everyone's favorite chaos theorist from Jurassic Park, "Life finds a way." Indeed, that old chestnut is applicable to the following ten destinations, where animals have found a home in areas humans once tread. Remember, if you want to keep poachers out of your nature preserve, surround it with land mines. » 9/28/11 10:00am 9/28/11 10:00am

Alien Invasion Hoax Exposes Croatia’s Military Hair Trigger

Residents of Zagreb panicked last week when they heard radio reports of UFO sighting. The station’s journalists admitted to a War of the Worlds-inspired hoax, but claim this hoax held a deeper purpose. » 12/15/08 2:19pm 12/15/08 2:19pm