A History of DC Crossovers: The Dark Age

Ooh boy. This is going to be a tough one. Previously, the Bronze Age ended with the publication of Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns. From now on, due to the success of those two books, comics would take a turn for the dark and the edgy. You think, “Oh, how bad can it be?” but I haven’t even gotten to the part where a… »5/31/15 11:03am5/31/15 11:03am


A History of DC Crossovers: The Silver Age

So last time, we examined the crossovers in the Golden Age between National Comics and All-American Comics before they were merged to create, essentially, DC Comics. (They wouldn’t officially call themselves “DC Comics” until 1977. Before that, they would brand their comics as “A Superman DC Production” or simply “A… »5/27/15 6:00pm5/27/15 6:00pm

A History of Marvel Crossovers: The Dark Age

When last we left off, Secret Wars was a massive success, which meant, of course, one thing: Secret Wars II. Unlike the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Ages, however, the Dark Age of Comics is nebulous at best — some people state that it started after the publication of Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns, when comics took a… »4/04/15 12:26pm4/04/15 12:26pm

A History of Marvel Crossovers: The Bronze Age

When last we left off, the Silver Age was coming to a close with the death of Gwen Stacy. The actual end was precipitated, however, a little bit before, with a two-part Spider-Man story involving the standard "drugs are bad" lesson — a story the Comics Code Authority refused to authorized because they forbade any »4/03/15 4:30am4/03/15 4:30am

A History of Marvel Crossovers: The Silver Age

When last we left off, superhero comics had waned and been replaced by horror comics. In the Golden Age of Marvel, most heroes inhabited separate worlds, rarely crossing over, with two exceptions: the Human Torch/Sub-Mariner fight and the short-lived All-Winners Squad. When Timely Comics became Atlas, they tried to… »4/02/15 11:20am4/02/15 11:20am

Look At These Archie Vs. Predator Comic Covers And Weep At Their Glory

When we listed Archie Vs. Predator as one of 2015's most anticipated comics, that was before we say these two amazing comic covers. Now? Now we're going to have to hunt them down like the Predator hunted Dutch and his fellow soldiers, meaning these comics will have to bury themselves in mud to hide from our sight. »1/13/15 5:00pm1/13/15 5:00pm

Fables meets The Unwritten in the ultimate Vertigo comics crossover!

DC just sent along the above picture of Fables' Bigby Wolf and The Unwritten's Tommy Taylor, getting ready for their upcoming comic crossover. If you're a fan of either of Vertigo's literary-minded series — both of which are completely fantastic — this picture should be enough to get you excited. If you're a fan of… »1/30/13 1:20pm1/30/13 1:20pm