Great Dragons of the Americas, in Naomi Novik's Crucible of Gold

Imagine how world history might have changed if aerial combat had been invented in the early nineteenth century — by troops deployed on the backs of dragons. That's the premise of Naomi Novik's popular Temeraire series, where the Napoleonic Wars are fought in part with dragons and the balance of power is forever… »4/30/12 8:00pm4/30/12 8:00pm


In the latest Temeraire novel, there are dragons among the Inca

Behold the book trailer for Crucible of Gold, the latest novel in Naomi Novik's addictive Temeraire series about how dragon-enhanced aerial forces would have changed the course of the Napoleonic Wars. Dragon warfare has prevented Europe from colonizing other nations the same way they did in our timeline. In this… »3/05/12 2:15pm3/05/12 2:15pm