Which Lord Of The Rings Star Won't Be Showing Up In The Final Hobbit?

Find out where Prometheus 2 could be headed. Plus a fan theory makes a good guess at where American Horror Story's fifth season might be set. Guillermo del Toro updates us on Crimson Peak and the Pacific Rim sequels. And another classic Disney character is coming to Once Upon a Time. Spoilers now! » 11/06/14 6:00am 11/06/14 6:00am

This is the horrible way that crucifixion actually kills you

Crucifixion remains a familiar idea, even though it's a punishment from the distant past. It's so familiar that we no longer consider of the physical realities of it. Those realities are some of the most gruesome ever known. Here's how crucifixion actually kills people. » 12/06/13 11:55am 12/06/13 11:55am

The Clip You Must Watch Before "I Am Legend"

Plague-ridden mutants try to talk Charlton Heston to death in The Omega Man, the template for I Am Legend, which opens today. In Omega, if the disease doesn't kill you, it turns you into a luddite religious nut who enjoys call-and-response crap. But as this crucifixion scene illustrates, the choice in Omega isn't… » 12/14/07 3:00pm 12/14/07 3:00pm