Behind-The-Scenes Tour Of Cryonics Institute Shows Storage Of A Patient

The fascinating short documentary We Will Live Again goes inside the Cryonics Institute, where we meet the people behind the freezing process and witnesses (non-explicitly) the acceptance of its hundredth client. » 4/08/14 7:00pm 4/08/14 7:00pm

Whoa, this leech survived after being in liquid nitrogen for 24 hours

Scientists have learned that a common parasite of sea turtles is capable of surviving ridiculously cold temperatures — a finding that could lead to the development of advanced cryopreservation techniques. » 1/23/14 3:30pm 1/23/14 3:30pm

23-Year Old Kim Suozzi Undergoes Cryonic Preservation After Successful…

Back in September we told you about Kim Suozzi, the 23-year old neuroscience student who was in the midst of battling terminal brain cancer. Sadly, she passed away last week on January 17th — but not before a successful fundraising campaign managed to secure the funds required to grant Suozzi her dying wish: cryonic… » 1/21/13 9:20am 1/21/13 9:20am

Photos go behind the scenes of the world's cryonics facilities

Cryonics may be a fanciful notion to some and it's certainly an expensive undertaking, but that hasn't stopped a handful of people from having their bodies cryogenically frozen in the hope of being revived in some distant future. Photographer Murray Ballard stepped into the world of cryopreservation with his camera in… » 10/06/12 5:00pm 10/06/12 5:00pm

Futurists set up charitable fund to help terminally ill woman get…

Several weeks ago, 23-year old Kim Suozzi asked the Reddit community what she should do with the last few months of her life. Suozzi, who has terminal brain cancer, is only expected to live for another three to six months, making her request all the more urgent. Among the many responses received, Suozzi was… » 9/03/12 11:20am 9/03/12 11:20am

The economic problems with cryogenically freezing your body

Are you looking forward to one day preserving your freshly expired body with cryoprotective fluids and waiting for revival, decades or centuries in the future? Several cryopreservation companies cater to this option, but how does one fund this process? » 3/02/12 7:20am 3/02/12 7:20am

Man Who Vowed to Live Forever Died Over the Weekend

Robert C.W. Ettinger, who famously said that death was for the unprepared and the unimaginative, died on Saturday. But the physics teacher and science fiction writer may be coming back — his family froze his body cryonically. » 7/25/11 2:25pm 7/25/11 2:25pm

Old Twilight Zone comic demonstrates why cryonic life expansion is a…

We've made our love of Gold Key Twilight Zone comics abundantly clear. The comics' twists were abrupt and frequently deranged. In this deliciously absurd strip from 1973's Twilight Zone 50, a rich old codger buys immortality for approximately 15 minutes. » 11/08/10 8:40am 11/08/10 8:40am

Creepy Portraits Of Where All Those Frozen Heads Go

These are pictures of facilities where technicians store cryogenically frozen bodies in the hope that one day they can be revived using advanced technology. Patrick Millard's photos of cryostat tanks blur the line between death and industrial design. » 5/12/10 3:04pm 5/12/10 3:04pm

Cryonics Company And Family Battle Over Ownership Of Woman's Head

A bizarre legal case pits the family of recently-deceased Mary Robbins against Arizona cryonics company Alcor. Robbins signed a contract with Alcor to have her head cryogenically frozen after her death. But now her daughter won't hand the head over. » 2/22/10 11:39am 2/22/10 11:39am

Let's Get Cryonic

This week you can celebrate the science fictional practice of cryonics during Colorado's "Frozen Dead Guy Days," a weekend of revelry devoted to "Grandpa" Bredo Morstoel, a guy who has been cryonically frozen inside a shed for several years. His hope was that at some point he'd be defrosted in a future world where he… » 3/03/08 1:33pm 3/03/08 1:33pm