These crazy ice crystals forming on a window make my imagination go wild

There are some pretty nutty patterns that pop up in this time lapse of frost and ice crystals forming on Brenda Loewen's kitchen window. They almost look like the surface of a different planet or a topographical map of miserable wastelands or a microscopic look at creepy organisms. Whatever your imagination sees, it's… » 3/14/15 6:02pm 3/14/15 6:02pm

Sailor Moon's Brand New Transformation Sequence Is Epic

How badass can a girl magically changing into a sailor suit be? The new transformation sequence from Sailor Moon Crystal (courtesy of our bros at Kotaku) has the answer — pretty goddamned badass. » 7/02/14 9:40am 7/02/14 9:40am

Time crystals: One of the weirdest ideas in physics

Physics is defined by its symmetries, from thermodynamics laws like the conservation of mass and energy, to the principle that the universe is basically the same all over. Symmetry can also suggest some truly bizarre ideas. One of those ideas is time crystals. » 2/20/12 12:20pm 2/20/12 12:20pm

The impossible crystals that came from outer space

In the 1980s, Daniel Schechtman theorized the existence of quasicrystals, bizarre materials between crystals and glasses that could never exist except in the laboratory. But now his impossible crystals have turned up in a Russian mountain. » 1/03/12 9:35am 1/03/12 9:35am

The secret of ancient Viking navigation was transparent crystals

Before the invention of modern navigational equipment, ancient sailors crossed the seas largely through their knowledge of the positions of the Sun and stars. So how did Vikings cross from Europe to America in the often foggy, cloudy northern Atlantic? » 11/02/11 4:00pm 11/02/11 4:00pm

Watch some vibrating nails do their best imitation of melting crystals

These nails start out perfectly arranged, the hardware store equivalent of a perfect crystalline structure. But as their bed begins to vibrate and they start moving around, they become increasingly disordered, actually imitating all the stages of a melting crystal. » 10/25/11 4:30pm 10/25/11 4:30pm

On a star forming in the constellation of Orion, it's raining crystals

One of the awesome things about the universe is that it's big enough for crazy-wonderful things to happen. Luckily, astronomy lets us see them. For example, there's a star where it's raining olivine crystals right now. » 5/27/11 3:00pm 5/27/11 3:00pm

A Mutant, A Failed Utopian Experiment, and French People

The trailer for the French scifi film Eden Log shows you something that looks like H.R. Giger creation crossed with the Crystalline Entity from Star Trek: The Next Generation. We aren't sure what that thing is supposed to be, but we hope this dark holiday release doesn't devolve into a creature chase. Director… » 12/13/07 10:30am 12/13/07 10:30am