Meet Frankenthulhu: half Frankenstein, half Cthulhu, all awesome monster!

Gaze upon the tentacled brow of the Frankenthulu — he's 50% Frankenstein's monster, 50% slumbering nightmare! Created by the artist Rob Roberts over at Deviant Art, this dual horror deserves a spot on Universal's classic movie roster. Nothing left to do now other than beseech the gods of H. P. Lovecraft to inspire… »4/23/12 10:35am4/23/12 10:35am


Anything Called "Blasphemous Horrors" Belongs on My Wall for Sure

In May of this year, historically transgressive SF monthly Weird Tales »10/05/08 11:00am10/05/08 11:00am launched a year-long tribute to one of its greatest writers, cosmic horror scribe Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Lovecraft's work fills , and now it can fill the walls of your (no doubt sci-fi-themed) living room as well. Inspired by the Cthulhu…