Watch The Wonderfully Odd Trailer For Post-Apocalyptic Romance Crumbs

Here's hoping Crumbs, a scifi romance shot in an Ethiopian ghost town by Spanish writer-director Miguel Llanso, gets wider exposure after its Rotterdam Film Festival debut last week. Check out the trailer; there's a UFO, a haunted bowling alley, a crazy Santa Claus, and space junk. For starters. » 2/11/15 6:00pm 2/11/15 6:00pm

Solar Disaster Movie Cat. 8 Makes The Core Look Like 2001

Last week, NASA announced that in 2012 the Earth narrowly avoided being hit by the largest solar coronal mass ejection recorded since before electric power grids and telecommunication satellites were a thing. Fortunately or unfortunately, along with the rest of civilization, the solar crisis duology Cat. 8 » 8/05/14 7:00pm 8/05/14 7:00pm

Frequencies Asks, "What If Physics Determined The Laws Of Attraction?"

Loosely inspired by the theoretical physics work of Stephen Wolfram, the new movie Frequencies is set in a future where your romantic destiny is predetermined by science. Will tampering with the algorithm of love destroy or unite society? We're premiering a special "alt" trailer for the movie's big debut. Check it out. » 5/23/14 7:50am 5/23/14 7:50am

Watch electronic wasps lay eggs inside your brain via cellphone in The…

We've got the first trailer for the interactive horror short The Swarming, which features electronic wasps that enter your body via cell phone, use your body as a host for their young, and then feast upon your innards. So there you have it — one more thing to be afraid of when it comes to both stinging insects and… » 9/11/12 9:30am 9/11/12 9:30am

The beautiful, secret story of the seal child revealed in Song of the…

What's next for the project for the folks behind the enchanting (and Oscar-nominated) The Secret Of Kells? Behold the concept trailer for Song of the Sea, an adorable animation about the mythical sea child. It's absolutely stunning. Plus, get a look at the first trailer for Space Sherriff Gavan: The Movie and Roger… » 8/19/12 8:51pm 8/19/12 8:51pm

Peeta transforms into an insufferable high school hipster heart throb…

We've got a seriously amazing collection of indies and shorts in this Sunday's Cult Movie Worship. Check out the latest trailer for Joseph Kahn's frenetic movie equivalent of a turducken, Detention, and see if you can point out every single movie cliché stuffed inside the next. Plus, we've got zombie-killing babies,… » 4/01/12 4:30pm 4/01/12 4:30pm

Astoundingly gorgeous animation for My Family And The Wolf actually…

Never before have we seen a creation that so effortlessly bottles up that unfettered feeling of a child's summer vacation. This short teaser for My Family And The Wolf is absolutely intoxicating; you can almost smell the summer breeze it's channeling. This is an undertaking not to be missed. » 3/25/12 6:30pm 3/25/12 6:30pm