We're Salivating Over These Italian Cannibal Classics On VHS

Attention, fellow sickos! Here's an excellent reason to break out that VCR you still have lurking by the TV: Cult Movie Mania and Grindhouse Releasing are joining forces to release VHS versions of Cannibal Holocaust, Cannibal Ferox, and other gory classics. » 2/16/15 6:00pm 2/16/15 6:00pm

The Weirdest Things You Never Knew About The Making Of Repo Man

Repo Man came out 30 years ago, but it remains one of the weirdest, and most beloved, cult movies of all time. But how did this genre-smashing comedy, about a punk kid who starts repossessing cars only to find one very special car, ever get made in the first place? Join us on a look inside the strange journey of Repo » 12/19/14 8:00am 12/19/14 8:00am

Celebrate the End of Prohibition with This Odd Movie

On this day in 1933, Prohibition ended in the United States — which means it's time to celebrate with what's probably the strangest film made about that dark time in history: 1976's Bugsy Malone. Cheers! » 12/05/14 2:40pm 12/05/14 2:40pm

In Blood Freak, Marijuana And Mutant Turkeys Lead To Awesome Carnage

Forget Charlie Brown — one movie ought to be your family's Thanksgiving tradition. We're referring, of course, to Blood Freak, the 1972 horror movie about smoking too much weed and waking up with a turkey head. » 11/26/14 12:00pm 11/26/14 12:00pm

"I Can't Decide If This Movie Is A Work Of Genius Or Just A Mess"

There's a fine line between genius and madness... and it can be hard to tell a brilliant masterpiece from a giant disaster, sometimes. What's the movie where you just can't decide if it's a brilliant work of art or a huge steaming pile of offal? » 7/18/14 2:00pm 7/18/14 2:00pm

This one man made 134 of the weirdest movies ever

Fred Olen Ray was already a legendary director of B movies and exploitation films back in the early 1980s. But amazingly, he's just gotten more prolific with time. His IMDB page lists 134 films with titles like Bikini Girls from the Lost Planet, Super Ninja Bikini Babes, Invisible Mom II, Droid Gunner and Wizards… » 3/11/14 12:45pm 3/11/14 12:45pm

Which Hollywood blockbuster has the heart of a cult movie?

We celebrate cult movies for their subversiveness and willingness to defy your expectations by throwing gonzo shit at the screen. But the line between cult films and mainstream Hollywood blockbusters is never solid, especially with so many directors going back and forth. Which huge Hollywood tentpole film is really a… » 3/07/14 3:00pm 3/07/14 3:00pm

30 Cult Movies That Absolutely Everybody Must See

A great cult movie is like a weird underground discovery, that feels so strange and wonderful, you suspect that you're the first person ever to appreciate it properly. But certain cult films have acquired fame and influence to rival any blockbuster, and have become part of our shared vocabulary. Here are 30 essential… » 3/07/14 11:48am 3/07/14 11:48am

The Flowers of Fantastico is a sexy, meta cult web series

Anyone who delights in the world of grindhouse flicks will love this tale of a bunch of cult movie nerds who find the most obscure movie ever. Also, did I mention the bisexual love and demons? » 2/27/14 8:00pm 2/27/14 8:00pm

Someone's making a movie called Steampunk Samurai Biker Chick? We're in!

Right now, in Los Angeles, casting is taking place for a low-budget action movie called Steampunk Samurai Biker Chick. And it sounds like Mad Max crossed with Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!. When can we see this movie? » 11/18/10 5:30pm 11/18/10 5:30pm

Enough rare cult movie interviews to kill your productivity for the…

A young Bruce Campbell talks about growing up with Sam Raimi, surrounded by monstrous heads. It's just one of the many, many delights available in The Incredibly Strange Film Show, a 1988-1989 British series about "psychotronic movies" that's on YouTube. » 10/07/10 7:30am 10/07/10 7:30am

"The Human Centipede" is the best cult film of 2010

The premise is simple enough. A mad doctor has kidnapped three people for his evil plans to create one person out of three, by surgically attaching them ass-to-mouth. With cult movies, execution is everything. And The Human Centipede delivers. » 5/18/10 4:34pm 5/18/10 4:34pm

Eat Your Awesome: A New Film Celebrates The Cult Status Of Troll 2!

Troll 2 has a zero-percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and its legendary awfulness has gained it cult status. An awesome documentary called Best Worst Movie explores the experience of this movie's star, a small-town dentist. Check out a new trailer. » 3/30/10 1:43pm 3/30/10 1:43pm

The Forgotten Gorefest That Inspired A Whole Generation! [NSFW]

If you're a fan of 1960s and 70s cult gorefests like Mondo Cane or Faces Of Death, then this trailer for Pleasures Of The Damned (banned for 25 years!) will please you immensely - if you don't barf. » 3/25/10 8:00am 3/25/10 8:00am

Aussie Rockabilly Girls Fight Tentacles From The Deep

What is happening here? Obviously a bloodthirsty rockabilly chick is fighting back against a tentacled sea monster using a trident. You know you want more of this bad craziness. » 2/10/10 8:30am 2/10/10 8:30am

Now You Can Major in Cult Movie Studies

Want to live your life in the Ivory Tower, but uncertain about whether you can devote your scholarly energies to zombies, giant monsters, and low-budget horror movies? Well, fret no more. A film scholar named David Church has set up a new social network, Cult Media Studies, for academics who study cult movies.… » 7/21/08 1:51pm 7/21/08 1:51pm