7-Year-Old Girl Writes To Scientists Asking Them To Make Her A Dragon

Australia's got its very own pint-sized Khaleesi in 7-year-old Sophie Lester of Queensland, who over Christmas wrote a letter to the national science agency CSIRO asking for a dragon of her own. Both the letter and the agency's response are so cute you're going to feel like passing out. » 1/09/14 9:30am 1/09/14 9:30am

This musical ode to a little octopus is an instant cure for sadness

Nerf Herder Parry Gripp's music videos are relentlessly cheerful—just try to get through "Turtle (No, that's a Tortoise)" or "Neon Pegasus" without cracking a smile. This quickie music video pays tribute to the exploratory nature of a lone octopus just climbing that rock. It's a little burst of musical, tentacular… » 1/19/13 9:30am 1/19/13 9:30am

Stay Puft Marshmallow Baby is the Ghostbusters' most adorable foe

What if, at the end of Ghostbusters, Ray Stantz had, instead of a giant man made of gelatin and sugar, envisioned a giant baby? Puppeteer and voice actor Dan Milano answers the question we never thought to ask by dressing his daughter in the Stay Puft sailor suit and unleashed her on the plastic proton pack-wielding… » 11/24/12 8:00am 11/24/12 8:00am