This red fox will make you feel the true power of cuteness

Photographer Roeselein Raimond is basically the ruler of the cuteocracy when it comes to wildlife photography. Sure, it's easy to make foxes look adorable — though these two are exceptionally, overwhelmingly huggable — but she also manages to make everything from snails to wasps look cute too. Plus, do not even get… »2/15/13 7:09pm2/15/13 7:09pm

Finally, A Romantic Comedy About How Your Relationship is Doomed

Creative people are self-obsessed assweasels. And you can never really love someone else — you just love the fake version of them that you create in your head. Love is really the process of your ego attempting to crush and neutralize the ego of your object of affection. »7/25/12 12:00pm7/25/12 12:00pm

Calvin starts writing about Ruby, and lo and…