Explorers discover 3 billion-year-old life forms off the coast of Michigan

In mysterious sinkholes beneath the waters of Lake Huron, scientists have been exploring strange pockets of life that shouldn't exist on present-day Earth. The microbes researchers have found would have been perfectly comfortable on the Earth of 3 billion years ago, before we had oxygen in the atmosphere. »7/18/11 6:00pm7/18/11 6:00pm

The Case Strengthens That Humans Actually Are from a Distant Planet

Life on Earth might actually be Martian — or Europan, or Titanese. Or maybe our ancestors came from outside our solar system, flung up from a distant planet (perhaps Caprica?) billions of years ago and migrated to Earth. It all sounds far-fetched, but new research suggests microbes can survive an asteroid impact big… »5/21/08 12:35pm5/21/08 12:35pm