Video of real-time cyber-attack alert system looks like your favorite cyberpunk movie

If you miss those great 1990s movies in which cyberspace runs amok, you'll get a kick out of this video of a real-life system for monitoring cyber-attacks. The new DAEDALUS (Direct Alert Environment for Darknet And Livenet Unified Security) cyber-alert system has been in the making for several years, but now the… »6/22/12 4:40pm6/22/12 4:40pm


Experts Say Biggest Planetary Emergency Comes from Cyberattacks

Click to view »8/23/08 9:17pm8/23/08 9:17pm This weekend, Sicily plays host to an annual conference devoted to analyzing "planetary emergencies." 120 scientists and engineers come from all over the world to discuss what the biggest planet-wide threats are, and how we might solve them. You'd think they'd be focusing on stuff like climate change —…