These Unused Cybermen Designs Are Utterly Creeptastic

The latest version of the Cybermen on Doctor Who looks sleek and pretty cool... but they could have looked more insectoid and shown more of their former existence as organic humans, if this concept art from Millennium FX had been used. Check out that horrible mouth! (Click to embiggen, it's worth it.) »11/16/14 3:00pm11/16/14 3:00pm

Can Neil Gaiman restore the Cybermen to their original greatness?

Since being revived seven years ago, Doctor Who has had many amazing triumphs — but the Cybermen haven't really been among them. The Cybermen, as reintroduced to the show, were the product of an alternate universe full of zeppelins, and they had a few major drawbacks, including the fact that you could hear them coming… »11/07/12 2:40pm11/07/12 2:40pm