New Injectable Brain Implants Take Us One Step Closer To A Cyborg Future

Harvard scientists have developed an electrical scaffold that can be injected directly into the brain with a syringe. By using the technique to “cyborg”-ize the brains of mice, the team was able to investigate and manipulate the animals’ individual neurons—a technological feat the researchers say holds tremendous… »6/09/15 1:40pm6/09/15 1:40pm

Imagine being able to control biological processes with your mind.

Imagine being able to control biological processes with your mind. A new experiment suggests this is possible. By combining optogenetics and cybernetics, humans were able to use their thoughts to alter genes in mice. In future, these mind-operated implants could be used to self-treat migraines, back pain, epilepsy,… »11/12/14 10:00pm11/12/14 10:00pm

This Is The 1980s Cyborg Action Movie You've Always Dreamed Of Seeing

It's hard to believe that something as perfect as 1986's The Eliminators exists — just check out this section, where the cyborg hero removes his legs and turns himself into a tank, to escape from the top-secret evil facility where he was built. And then teams up with a roboticist, played by a young Denise Crosby. »8/05/14 11:00pm8/05/14 11:00pm

This cybernetic hand is the first to give amputees a sense of touch

You're looking at LifeHand2, a prosthetic limb that allows amputees to feel sensory-rich information in real time. The futuristic device, which transmits signals to nerves in the upper arm, is not yet commercially available or portable — but it represents an important proof-of-concept as researchers work to create… »2/05/14 2:30pm2/05/14 2:30pm