Which DC Comics Character Has The Most Ridiculous New Costume?

DC has refreshed its stable of comics once again, putting its characters in new situations— and most of them have gotten a new look to celebrate. But as usual with superhero makeovers, some are less successful than others. So we’re going to put on our fashion-hats and rate what’s hot and what’s not in the DC Universe! »6/25/15 4:24pm6/25/15 4:24pm

​Why America Will Never Truly Be Able To Make Its Own Anime

Hello, folks. I'm sorry for the absence of last week's mail column; suffice it to say there was some… difficulty in escaping the intelligent apes, and I couldn't do it without endangering myself. In related news, if you ever go to Ape City, they will no longer be fooled by ape costumes. Just FYI. Now, on with the mail! »9/17/14 11:00am9/17/14 11:00am

Incredibly Strange and Ridiculously Cheap: Albert Pyun's 30-Year Career in B-Movies

Albert Pyun is a legend among low-budget movie-makers. He's probably directed more movies about cyborgs than anyone else. He's been making post-apocalyptic movies since the Mad Max era, and he's still at it. He's worked with Rutger Hauer, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Christopher Lambert and Ice-T, among many others. Chances… »12/06/12 4:55pm12/06/12 4:55pm

First clip proves that Manborg is the new Kickpuncher

We've already celebrated the greatness of Manborg, the bargain-basement tribute to classic 1980s science fiction movies. But here's your first actual clip from the film, in which Manborg offers some wisdom: "It's never too late... to be a hero." The acting in this scene must be seen to be believed, including the… »10/25/12 4:20pm10/25/12 4:20pm

Latest Rumors and Hints for Captain America 2, Doctor Who and The Robocop Remake!

The latest Captain America 2 rumors have a surprising Community connection. And meanwhile, Kevin Feige promises that Edgar Wright's Ant-Man movie is still happening. The great Peter Dinklage joins the mind-bending science fiction movie Rememory. And do we finally know what the mysterious extraterrestrials in The… »4/02/12 9:00am4/02/12 9:00am

Amber Case: Technology has reversed the isolation we experienced from the Industrial Revolution

Core77 has a nice interview with "cyborg anthropoloigst" Amber Case, who claims that "Good technology should make you superhuman." She makes an interesting case (no pun intended) that the Industrial Revolution disconnected people from each other, when "everyone was distributed by highways and cars and stretched out… »1/10/12 6:36pm1/10/12 6:36pm

Fleshlight creates vampire, Frankenstein, zombie and cyborg vaginas

Tired of humping the same old fake, rubbery vagina hidden inside a flashlight? Fleshlight's already four steps ahead of you: They've created a zombie, vampire, Frankenstein, and cyborg vaginas — in case you ever wondered what having sex with a vampire was like (which apparently means getting around the horrific labia… »10/06/11 1:27pm10/06/11 1:27pm