Screw Caprica, This Is The BSG Backstory We Want

Not content with giving us the first Battlestar Galactica spin-off with an all-new cast of characters » 10/17/08 11:40am 10/17/08 11:40am, the comic book versions of SciFi Channel's hit depressathon continue to give us what the SciFi Channel can't: worthwhile spin-offs to the show. While we wait to see whether will be as much dull soap opera as origin…

Revealed: The Inspiration for Galactica's Greatest Painting

There's been speculation about that painting in Admiral Adama's quarters ever since BSG's first season. Humorist and sci-fi fiend John Hodgman, who wrote about the show for The New York Times Magazine, is obsessed with it, and the burned, broody painting has been dissected carefully on both BSG forums and Wikipedia.… » 12/03/07 2:15pm 12/03/07 2:15pm