Marvel at Our Favorite TV Shows and Movies As Children's Books

If you're in the Los Angeles after this Friday, definitely stop by Gallery 1988 (East) for Storytime, a show of Joey Spiotto's work. We would read all of these to any children we know. » 7/29/14 9:07pm 7/29/14 9:07pm

The best guzheng cover of Daft Punk's "Derezzed" you'll hear all day

I don't care how many Chinese zither-based covers of Daft Punk's Tron: Legacy soundtrack you listen to today, I feel quite confident that Michelle Kwan's adaptation of "Derezzed" is going to top your list. I know, it's a bold statement, but I stand by it. » 1/01/14 1:30pm 1/01/14 1:30pm

Watch Bill Nye's courageous robot dance from last night

Bill Nye, who tore 80% of his quadricep last week, was told not to participate in last night's Dancing with the Stars. But he did anyway, performing a Daft Punk-inspired robot dance with Tyne Stecklein that required him to move his injured leg as little as possible. The duo won't be returning, but they left the stage… » 10/01/13 6:20am 10/01/13 6:20am

Are Janelle Monae's science-fictional lyrics keeping her off the radio?

That's what a new article in claims. Monae's first full-length album was lukewarm on radio, with the song "Tightrope" barely getting much airplay. Monae wants her new album The Electric Lady to get more radio play, but the science-fiction imagery is turning off programmers. » 9/13/13 1:51pm 9/13/13 1:51pm

The 11 Greatest Science Fiction-Themed Bands

So many musicians are fans of science fiction it can be hard to keep track. But there are bands that take it a step further — bands that actually consist of aliens, robots, time travelers and other creatures. Here are 11 bands that don’t just like scifi, they are scifi. » 5/16/13 10:00am 5/16/13 10:00am

Daft Punk hasn't had a good album in 12 years, but we still love them…

At least, that's the provocative argument over at Vice's Motherboard, where Brian Merchant argues that Daft Punk are better at creating a science-fictional mythos than they are at making great pop music. » 3/25/13 4:30pm 3/25/13 4:30pm

Listen to 15 seconds of a brand new Daft Punk track—but when will we…

Your favorite music making robot duo Daft Punk is back and they've brought new tunes! Listen to a brief tease of the latest Daft Punk track (which premiered last night on SNL). The sounds are delightful, but everything else is left open. All we really know is that Daft Punk will be releasing their sweet music manna… » 3/03/13 10:30am 3/03/13 10:30am

Top 10 Albums Every Self-Respecting Science Fiction Fan Should Own

Science fiction changed music. And music saved science fiction. Most of our favorite flights of fancy and epic adventures are bound up in our minds with amazing musical scores, or epic theme songs. But some of the greatest pieces of music ever created were also inspired by science fiction and fantasy. » 4/30/12 10:00am 4/30/12 10:00am

Listen to two full albums of Daft Punk songs, remixed as Nintendo…

We've heard the Tron Legacy soundtrack transmogrified into floppy disc farts. Now witness France and/or robotdom's premier deejaying duo turned into the digital drone of Commodore 64s and wheezing MS-DOS games. » 2/21/12 3:20pm 2/21/12 3:20pm

Daft Punk's Tron theme, à la five floppy disc drives

Even if Daft Punk's score to Tron Legacy didn't melt your butter, it's hard not to appreciate their track "Derezzed" being played by five groaning and wheezing floppy drives (mp3 here). This is incontrovertible evidence that in order for Tron 3 to succeed, the film must scale back its special effects such that it… » 1/05/12 7:10am 1/05/12 7:10am

How to build a Daft Punk helmet in four months

Propmaker Harrison Krix — who previously built the helmet of Daft Punk member Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo — has now assembled Thomas Bangalter's robot helmet over a third of a year. Here's his guide (some assembly required). » 9/18/11 8:05am 9/18/11 8:05am

A brief history of Daft Punk's costumes

Daft Punk's never been content to stay with one robotic bodysuit for too long, and here's a visual history of their cyber-sartorial choices. You can see a massive version of this chart here. [Agent Raybans via Laughing Squid] » 1/02/11 11:30am 1/02/11 11:30am

7 awesome facts you need to know about Tron Legacy

We recently had opportunity to speak with the cast and crew of Tron Legacy and hear some tantalizing anecdotes about the film's the time Daft Punk held a rave on set. Spoilers on! » 12/08/10 4:40pm 12/08/10 4:40pm

Gift ideas for the ten major species of science fiction fan

Unsure what to buy that Firefly fan, Trekkie, or Tron aficionado in your life? Don't worry — we've got you covered. Here's our gift guide for ten kinds of science fiction fan. » 12/08/10 12:40pm 12/08/10 12:40pm

Music video for Daft Punk's "Derezzed" brings us old-school Tron…

In the official music video for the song "Derezzed," Daft Punk wanders into Flynn's Arcade, and an arcade game transports them to the world of 1980s Tron, but with 8-bit knights, falcons, and horses. And look out for Quorra! » 12/07/10 1:30pm 12/07/10 1:30pm

Building the Grid: a conversation with Tron Legacy director Joe Kosinski

We recently had the chance to talk with Tron Legacy director Joe Kosinski. Kosinski, who originally trained as an architect at Columbia, told us about constructing the brand new Tron City and updating the Tron aesthetic for the 21st century. » 11/23/10 7:45am 11/23/10 7:45am

Daft Punk's latest music video packs plenty of awesome new Tron Legacy …

Listen to Daft Punk's latest Tron Legacy track, "Derezzed," while watching a bunch of new scenes from the film. Michael Sheen's crazy MC character (and his magic guitar light stick) might be our favorite part of this movie. » 10/26/10 9:46am 10/26/10 9:46am

First look at Daft Punk inside Tron City, plus an all-new digitized…

Here's the first official picture of Daft Punk on the grid in Tron Legacy. Also, take a listen to their latest Tron track "The Game Has Changed," on the TRON Facebook page. » 10/12/10 11:00am 10/12/10 11:00am

Sunday Matinee: Daft Punk's anime space opera, Interstella 5555

We all know that Daft Punk's composed the soundtrack to Tron Legacy. But did you know that in 2003, the band teamed up with Toei Animation to create an intergalactic odyssey about alien pop bands? Witness Interstella 5555. » 9/26/10 8:05am 9/26/10 8:05am