Some polite Daleks left this on somebody's door

They may want to exterminate you, but at least Daleks are decent enough to let you know they've come round and missed you. Redditor narfy claims the monstrous cyborgs left this calling card on the doorknob of her friend's house yesterday morning. Almost makes you wish some Daleks would pay you a visit, doesn't it? » 6/28/12 10:42am 6/28/12 10:42am

Meet the Dalekettes, A Gang of Cosplayers After Our Hearts

If you needed any further proof that Australians are the best cosplayers in the universe, then allow me to offer as evidence The Dalekettes. These ladies created their own femme Dalek outfits and swanned around Supanova in Brisbane, capturing hearts and exterminating the population. I like this look way more than the… » 4/09/09 11:34am 4/09/09 11:34am

Two Men and a Dalek Mask Arrested in Weird Ex-Girlfriend Kidnapping Plot

Poor James Wakefield just wanted to reawaken his ex-girlfriend's affections after she dumped him last December. And he figured the best way to do it would be to pay his friend James Rawson £20,000 to don a Dalek mask with voice-changer, kidnap his ex, and take her out to the woods. After the Dalek-masked Rawson had… » 7/29/08 8:20am 7/29/08 8:20am

Ride Around In Your Own Criminal-Built Dalek

The Australian government might have come up with the most brilliant prison plan ever: use hardened criminals to churn out replicas of science fiction props, and then sell them on eBay. Sadly, they aren't using the money to fund the development of robot prison guards — all proceeds are going to charity. The fools. Why… » 2/01/08 2:02pm 2/01/08 2:02pm