9 Vital Questions to Ask Before Destroying a City in Your Movie

Everybody loves blowing up major cities in widescreen action movies. Wholesale municipal destruction looks great in 3-D and even better in IMAX, and every movie needs those "trailer moments" regardless of story or plot. But are are nine questions we wish film-makers would ask before destroying another city. » 9/03/13 10:09am 9/03/13 10:09am

First set pics of Tomorrowland bring back the world of yesterday

Behold, the retro world of Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof's mysterious Tomorrowland movie. So this is what a film inspired by a box of random Disney World crap from 1952 looks like. Retro! » 8/05/13 11:30am 8/05/13 11:30am

What are the rules of time travel in the J.J. Abrams Universe?

This week, we return to the Star Trek universe that J.J. Abrams rebooted using time travel. And meanwhile, Abrams is adapting Stephen King's book 11/22/63. So it's a great time to ask: How does time travel work in the Abrams-verse? If you're in a J.J. Abrams story and you build a time machine, what should you expect to … » 5/14/13 11:20am 5/14/13 11:20am

Damon Lindelof: Star Trek is hard science fiction, not science fantasy

Why doesn't Starfleet treat Kirk like a god, now that alternate future Spock has told them how many times his future self will save the planet? What's up with Spock and Uhura? Not to mention, with Kirk and Spock? We spoke with writer Damon Lindelof and Spock himself, Zachary Quinto, to find the answers to our Trek » 4/26/13 1:54pm 4/26/13 1:54pm

Is the Prometheus sequel stalled out just because nobody knows how to…

Prometheus made more than $400 million worldwide (although it underperformed stateside) — so a sequel seems like a safe bet. Except, according to one report, there's no forward movement on a sequel, because nobody can figure out what happens next after the first movie's somewhat baffling ending. » 3/27/13 12:50pm 3/27/13 12:50pm

Leaked plot to Brad Bird's Tomorrowland sounds like Disney's Brave New…

A potential plotline for Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof's mysterious Tomorrowland movie is one part AI and two parts Brave New World. The movie, inspired by a box of random Disney World memorabilia from 1952 has had us all fairly befuddled. What does a box of crap have to do with Lindelof and Bird? What does it all… » 3/03/13 12:00pm 3/03/13 12:00pm

Brad Bird's 1952 movie has officially been renamed Tomorrowland

Attention! Attention! Disney has just announced that Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof's much anticipated and very very secret Disney movie, known as 1952 and inspired by a box of Disney junk, has been renamed Tomorrowland. Disney fans may recognize the name as one of the five themed areas that make up the Disney theme… » 1/28/13 12:45pm 1/28/13 12:45pm

More details on Damon Lindelof and Brad Bird's mystery alien movie for…

Way back in June of 2011, Disney paid Damon Lindelof a whopping seven figures to make "the next Star Wars." Then in May of this year Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol director Brad Bird was attached to the picture to direct, and the project was given a name, 1952. » 10/17/12 3:17pm 10/17/12 3:17pm