Every aspect of the landscape was a result of biological engineering

Autotrophic mountains of cellulose respired beneath the genetic engineers' podship. Their motto was "no cell shall remain unchanged." They took a planet full of ragged trees and mismatched flowers and made it a monument to perfect biological efficiency. » 11/03/10 7:30am 11/03/10 7:30am

Lonely Astronauts Explore Silent Alien Landscapes

As much as we all love “Also sprach Zarathustra,” the only soundtrack to space travel is probably going to be the low hum of your spaceship’s engines. And Dan McPharlin fully captures the silence of otherworldly exploration in his haunting illustrations of astronauts and spaceships moving through alien landscapes. His… » 10/29/08 12:00pm 10/29/08 12:00pm