Bourne's Sleeping Beauty: The Vampire Ballet No One Knew Was Needed

A few weeks ago, Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty: A Gothic Romance ended its tour in Los Angeles, California. Much has been made of the way the well-known story was changed, but what was really striking was that the ballet actually felt like the natural collision of two of the biggest trends of the last decade:… » 12/22/13 1:00pm 12/22/13 1:00pm

Dance Your PhD finalists have been announced, and they are GLORIOUS

Every year, Science's Dance your PhD competition challenges grad students past and present to convey their dissertations with interpretive dance. Finalists for this year's competition were just announced, and yes, they are amazing. » 11/09/13 11:00am 11/09/13 11:00am

The 2013 "Dance Your Ph.D." competition has officially begun!

Calling all past and present Ph.D. students! Have you ever felt the urge to convey your graduate work through interpretive dance? Well now's your chance; Science's 2013 "Dance Your Ph.D." Contest has officially begun! » 6/14/13 7:40am 6/14/13 7:40am

The rules are pretty straightforward. You must be a Ph.D. or be working towards one; the…

Watch two warriors battle it out with massive bolts of electricity

Holy crap this is excellent. Many of you are probably familiar with the intimidating crackle and flash of electricity-generating Tesla coils — but watch what happens when you combine them with wearable suits that behave like Faraday cages. It's like watching a shootout between Raiden and Emperor Palpatine. » 11/05/12 6:40am 11/05/12 6:40am

Ph.D. students explain their research using interpretive dance,…

Have you ever wished you could deliver your Ph.D. thesis in the form of dance? There's a competition for that. For half a decade, scientists from all over the globe have been participating in Science's annual Dance Your Ph.D. contest. This year's winners were just announced, and they are every bit as excellent as… » 10/16/12 12:03pm 10/16/12 12:03pm

Planet of the Apes dance party remix reveals Charlton Heston's disco…

The real reason Charlton Heston came to the Planet of the Apes? To dance. Brad Hasse adds some much-needed glow sticks and turntables to the classic film, converting the humans vs. apes showdown into a dance-off for the fate of the planet, all set to a Benny Benassi medley. But the apes are shocked at the appearance… » 3/17/12 10:30am 3/17/12 10:30am

If there was a Japanese Tron musical, it would look like this

And it would be named Tronp. In this routine by Japan's Wrecking Crew Orchestra set to the dulcet bloops of Justice (among other musicians), glowing dancers materialize out of the darkness with perfect synchronicity. This just proof once again that everything goes better with Tron lights. [Via TR] » 3/13/12 11:45am 3/13/12 11:45am

Check out the winners of this year's Dance Your PhD Competition!

For the last four years, scientists from around the world have been participating in Science's Dance Your PhD contest. The rules of the competition are simple: convey your graduate work in the form of interpretive dance. Creativity will win you points, as will scientific merit; but only by combining the two do you… » 10/20/11 11:09am 10/20/11 11:09am