We Rank Every Insane Moment in Dancing with the Stars' Disney Special!

Last night, Dancing With the Stars went full Disney. Unfortunately there was no Fox and the Hound contemporary dance, but they did make time for Ariel to shake her mermaid-shell bra around for the kiddies. So we've ranked all the Disney dances from best to worst! » 4/15/14 11:43am 4/15/14 11:43am

Watch Bill Nye's courageous robot dance from last night

Bill Nye, who tore 80% of his quadricep last week, was told not to participate in last night's Dancing with the Stars. But he did anyway, performing a Daft Punk-inspired robot dance with Tyne Stecklein that required him to move his injured leg as little as possible. The duo won't be returning, but they left the stage… » 10/01/13 6:20am 10/01/13 6:20am

Bill Nye turns Cha Cha Guy in his Dancing with the Stars debut

As prophesied, Bill Nye the Science Guy had his inaugural dance on Dancing with the Stars, a chacha set to — what else? — the Weird Science theme, inside a mad scientist's laboratory. Nye was somehow surprisingly good but totally awkward at the same time, but he didn't get booted off, so the experiment will continue… » 9/17/13 8:40am 9/17/13 8:40am

Don't hold your breath for "the next Lost" on television

What TV show is going to be the new Lost? People keep asking. But the sad fact is, it may take a few years before we see anything like the island-castaway show again. Real-life spoilers ahead. » 5/28/10 10:30am 5/28/10 10:30am