Wow, this was a great year for book covers

Over at Stainless Steel Droppings, there's a fantastic survey of 2013 in book covers, showcasing just what a wealth of great art and design we saw over the past year. » 1/03/14 12:04pm 1/03/14 12:04pm

Concept Art Writing Prompt: The City Made of Gears

There are eight million stories in the Clockwork City; will you write one of them? This week's Concept Art Writing Prompt is all about location, location. Can you come up with a brief story set in this city of endlessly turning gears? » 5/26/12 12:00pm 5/26/12 12:00pm

Massive Crabfort Crushes Your Landscape

Guild Wars isn't really known for having a science fiction element to it, but this concept art shows off an extremely steampunked Crab Fort, lumbering across the horizon. Enormous cogs and gears are evident in the construction work that looks like something straight out of a psychotic version of Burning Man. Everyone… » 3/11/08 2:00pm 3/11/08 2:00pm

Floating Mosques for a Climate-Changed World

An architecture firm in the Netherlands, Waterstudio, specializes in architecture that "makes friends with water." Its principle designers are environmental futurists, attempting to create structures for a world where water levels are much higher than today. One of their projects, which will be completed this year,… » 1/22/08 6:40am 1/22/08 6:40am