Could we actually build a robot the size of Pacific Rim's massive Jaegers?

Let's face it, we're all deeply infatuated with gigantic robots, a science fiction staple that includes such memorable mechanical monsters as Voltron, Gundam, the Transformers, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers — and even the AT-AT Walkers of Episode V. But none of these enormous mechas hold a candle to the behemoth… »7/13/12 12:05pm7/13/12 12:05pm

How Growing Up in Oklahoma Got Daniel Wilson Excited About Robots

Former roboticist Daniel Wilson made a huge splash several years ago with his non fiction book How to Survive a Robot Uprising, and then set his optical implants on writing fiction. His debut novel Robopocalypse was a huge bestseller, and is set to become a Steven Spielberg flick. And now he's got a new novel out, … »7/12/12 3:51pm7/12/12 3:51pm

Duck and cover! Steven Spielberg officially directing Robopocalypse movie

It's official: Steven Spielberg will direct the movie version of Robopocalypse. Expect big, wide-screen, tentpole robot-revolution action, coming sometime in 2013. And there are the first details on Daniel H. Wilson's next book after Robopocalypse. According to Deadline, Spielberg is officially on board to direct … »10/22/10 4:30pm10/22/10 4:30pm

Detailed Military Specs On How To Stop A Rampaging Monster In Your Town

If a 500 foot tall monster invaded your city, would you know how to stop it? Luckily, Wired has not one but two extremely detailed posts telling you what sort of military specs and maneuvers would probably work best against an enormous beastie. Of course, robotics expert Daniel Wilson already told us that we just need… »3/04/08 11:40am3/04/08 11:40am

Robotics Expert Daniel Wilson Says Earth is Unprepared for Alien Invasion

In his latest book, How to Build a Robot Army, robotics expert Daniel Wilson offers a humorous but scientifically-accurate account of how people would fight aliens, giant monsters, and more mundane enemies (like other humans) with robot armies. Unafraid to tackle science fictional questions with real science, Wilson… »2/14/08 2:45pm2/14/08 2:45pm