The most secret agencies dedicated to making sure you're only seeing a pale shadow of reality

The philosopher Plato once posed the Allegory of the Cave in his work, The Republic. He thought that, if prisoners spent all of their lives chained in a cave and facing a wall, their only experience would be watching the shadows on that wall. They never understand that there are things beyond that wall. The… »3/10/11 12:00pm3/10/11 12:00pm

Exclusive Psychokinetic Freak Out Clip From "Dark City" DVD

Here's an exclusive clip from the new "director's cut" DVD »7/24/08 8:42pm7/24/08 8:42pm of classic dark scifi , which is coming out July 29. In addition to never-before-seen footage, the DVD includes three commentary tracks, an introduction by director Alex Proyas, Neil Gaiman's review of the film, an "Architecture of Dreams" featurette, a…