Get Every Single Dark Horse Star Wars Comic For Just $300

There's just a few days left before all of Dark Horse's Star Wars comics vanish from digital sales forever. But luckily, Dark Horse is making it easy to stock up before it's too late. For the rest of 2014, all Dark Horse Star Wars comics are 50 percent off, and you can buy every single comic — 28,353 pages — for $300,… » 12/26/14 4:40pm 12/26/14 4:40pm

Now You Can Experience The Original ElfQuest In All Its Shiny Wonder

Wendy and Richard Pini's Elfquest is one of the most influential fantasy comics of all time, and Wendy Pini was so committed to her creation that she actually cosplayed as one of her characters. But now at last, you can read the whole early Elfquest saga in one great volume. » 3/30/14 12:30pm 3/30/14 12:30pm

A New Tomb Raider Comic Shows What's Next for Lara Croft After Hit Game

Sadly, Square Enix hasn't put out any single-player story-centric DLC for this year's reboot of Tomb Raider. So fans who enjoyed playing through Lara Croft's re-imagined origin story have been out of luck as far as seeing her continued evolution. But a new Dark Horse comics series due out later this year on 02/26/14… » 7/19/13 12:12pm 7/19/13 12:12pm

Dark Horse is adapting Hour of the Dragon, Howard's best Conan story

A few weeks ago at the comic shop, I stumbled across a new Conan series. But not just any Conan series. Dark Horse is adapting the only Conan novel, The Hour of the Dragon, over two six-issue runs. I had to check it out. So is it any good? Yeah, it’s really good. » 7/03/13 11:45am 7/03/13 11:45am

Mind MGMT Day 5: Who will win: a man drowning in regret, or a man who…

It's all come down to this: the final showdown between Lyme and the Fingerprint, two of the most powerful psychic warriors who ever lived. Who will win? You have only to scroll down, to find out. This is day five of our exclusive daily comic strip of Matt Kindt's acclaimed Mind MGMT. » 11/30/12 7:00am 11/30/12 7:00am

Doctor When and the Day of the Mushrooms

Here it is — the penultimate strip of our exclusive daily Mind MGMT comic strip! Can the Fingerprint really see the future? And if so, is there any way to defeat him? The greatest Mind MGMT agent of them all faces his biggest challenge when he goes up against a madman. Fear the Fingerprint! » 11/29/12 7:00am 11/29/12 7:00am

Mind MGMT Day 3: The Secret Origin of the Fingerprint

The more you delve into the world of Mind MGMT, Matt Kindt's acclaimed comic, the denser and weirder the mysteries become. The daily comic strip we're premiering exclusively just gives you a taste of the intense mythology behind Kindt's story of psychic spies and altered realities. Today: the origins of the mysterious… » 11/28/12 7:00am 11/28/12 7:00am

Mind MGMT Day Two: In the birthplace of immortals, you should be…

When you go searching for one of the most dangerous psychic agents in the world, you'd better have a darn good plan for what happens when you find him. In day two of our exclusive daily comic strip of Matt Kindt's Mind MGMT, Lyme catches up with the deadly Fingerprint — with potentially murderous consequences. » 11/27/12 7:00am 11/27/12 7:00am

How we drew Hellboy hanging out with Edgar Allan Poe at a bar

For this year's New York Comic Con, Dark Horse Comics Editor-in-Chief Scott Allie and artist Juan Ferreyra collaborated on a jam piece depicting various Dark Horse horror characters — such as Hellboy, The Goon, and the vampires from The Strain — tippling (booze and blood) at a creepy bar. Here's the artistic process… » 10/11/12 8:00am 10/11/12 8:00am

Androids, Comics, and Ghost Prostitutes: A Conversation With The…

Throughout his career, Lance Henriksen has played everything from curious androids to paranormally powered FBI agents. But with his upcoming comic book To Hell You Ride, the actor gets to spin a Weird Western horror yarn that's been haunting him for decades. (Also, what did Bishop himself think of Prometheus?) » 10/02/12 11:20am 10/02/12 11:20am

An exclusive first look at the upcoming R.I.P.D. comic book!

You may have heard of the upcoming film adaptation of R.I.P.D., the Dark Horse comic book about dead cops who solve supernatural crimes for the beyond-the-grave Rest In Peace Department. » 8/17/12 1:55pm 8/17/12 1:55pm

A first look at an upcoming issue of Dark Horse's psychic espionage…

Courtesy of Dark Horse Comics, here's an exclusive sneak peek at this November's issue of author/illustrator Matt Kindt's psychic warfare series Mind MGMT. Here's the rundown on Mind MGMT #0 and a brief conversation io9 had with Kindt about his plans for this byzantine comic. » 8/08/12 1:10pm 8/08/12 1:10pm

10 Criminally Overlooked Characters in the Mass Effect Universe

The more you delve into the Mass Effect games, the less the story is just about Commander Shepard. Instead, you start to notice more and more of the personal lives and struggles of the non-player characters you meet along the way. A huge part of what makes Mass Effect such an addictive universe is the supporting cast,… » 7/24/12 10:00am 7/24/12 10:00am

A First Look At The Brand New Comic Star Wars (With Darth Vader…

Scads of new comic books will be announced at the San Diego Comic-Con this week, but here's a doozy with a pedigree. In January, Dark Horse Comics will publish Star Wars (full stop), an ongoing comic set during the original Star Wars trilogy by prolific author Brian Wood (DMZ, Channel Zero, Northlanders, The Massive), » 7/10/12 7:25am 7/10/12 7:25am

Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello gives us the scoop on …

Tom Morello has famously lent his axe-slinging skills to such acts as Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, and his one-man band The Nightwatchman. » 6/12/12 1:50pm 6/12/12 1:50pm

Hellboy's on a one-way trip to Hell, and Mike Mignola's our tour guide

As you may have heard through the grapevine, Hellboy experienced a mortality deficit last year and is currently stuck in his, ahem, "ancestral homeland." The upcoming comic series Hellboy in Hell will detail Hellboy's journey to the underworld, and his creator Mike Mignola will be along for the ride. » 5/09/12 2:20pm 5/09/12 2:20pm

How we drew Angel, Willow, and Faith hanging out in a hell dimension

For August's issue of Angel & Faith, artists Rebekah Isaacs and Steve Morris teamed up on a two-part cover of the comic's Whedonverse heroes hanging out in the vastly unpleasant demon dimension of Quor'Toth. » 5/08/12 12:30pm 5/08/12 12:30pm

Which villain is making a return in the Buffy comic books?

Come August, Buffy will face off against an antagonist we haven't seen lately. Who is it? None other than the evil interdimensional law firm of Wolfram & Hart. » 5/02/12 2:20pm 5/02/12 2:20pm

Read a preview of Dark Horse Comics' new psychic warfare series Mind…

To gear up for the May 23 release of Matt Kindt's (Revolver, The Tooth) new telepaths-and-spies series Mind MGMT, Dark Horse Comics is releasing a series of free online prequels stories titled Mind MGMT: Secret Files. These chapters will run on Dark Horse's digital site over the next three Wednesdays. Here's a sneak… » 5/01/12 12:35pm 5/01/12 12:35pm