Milo Ventimiglia Makes Plea For Role Of Boy Wonder

Humble Milo Ventimiglia thinks he's just the thing for the new Dark Knight » 9/04/08 12:13pm 9/04/08 12:13pm movie. Peter Petrelli told Showbiz Spy, "I always thought I would make a great Robin." Well Milo, if you can dream it, maybe you can do it. But why does the 31-year-old Ventimiglia think he can carry off the green tights?Apparently the role of…

Aaron Eckhart Spills Dark Knight 3 Details

Amidst wild rumors for Dark Knight 3's » 9/04/08 10:40am 9/04/08 10:40am casting process (think Cher as Catwoman), actor Aaron "Two Face" Eckhart gave us some bat-closure on a few of the many bat-rumors. So are we going to see the former Gotham City DA's pretty deformed mug again? spoilers ahead.In a press conference Eckard was doing for , the press…

Batman's Best Friend Reveals Villain Of Third Bat-Movie

What Bat-menace will grace the big screen in the next Batman movie to come after Dark Knight? Gary Oldman, who plays good cop Jim Gordon, and director Christopher Nolan spilled the beans in an interview. But Nolan also hinted he may not be around to complete his Bat-trilogy. Also, they addressed the tricky issue of… » 6/30/08 8:40am 6/30/08 8:40am