Who Wins This Fan-Made Batman V. Superman Battle? Wait Until The End

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See How One Batman V. Superman Scene Resembles The Dark Knight Returns

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Iron Man And Captain America Reenact Dark Knight Returns' Super-Fight

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The Problem of Premature Nerdgasms

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The Dark Knight Returns' Carrie Kelley may be Batman's new Robin

It looks like Carrie Kelley, the female Robin to Grumpy Old Batman in Frank Miller's classic The Dark Knight Returns, is joining the DC universe proper. She's on the gatefold cover of Batman and Robin #19 (which comes out next Wednesday) in a Robin costume. Does this mean she'll actually be the next Robin? Maaaaybe. » 4/05/13 8:40am 4/05/13 8:40am

Will Iron Man 3 feature some surprise superhero cameos after all?

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