The Most Disappointing Final Battles in All Science Fiction and Fantasy

It's all been leading up to this. Hundreds of pages, or hours, of buildup, leading up to the final confrontation between the forces of excellent and the forces of not-excellent. And then... it's kind of a bust. The bad guys kind of fold. Or the fight lasts 30 seconds. Or it's just thumb-wrestling. Here are the most… »2/27/14 3:23pm2/27/14 3:23pm

The Most Insanely Complex Stunts from Science Fiction and Fantasy Films

Nowadays, when you go see a big movie, you assume everything is going to be computer animation and greenscreen, and nothing is real. But a lot of the biggest, craziest movie stunts, past and present, have been entirely practical. Here are some of the most complicated stunt sequences that were created in reality. »1/31/14 3:37pm1/31/14 3:37pm

10 Evil Schemes that Could Have Been Stopped by Taking Out a Minion

The universe is full of evil masterminds, whose schemes seem too brilliant to defeat — until, of course, they're defeated. But often, those schemes depend on one lowly minion, and if you just took out that henchperson, the masterplan would never have gotten off the ground. Here are 10 evil schemes that depended on an… »5/10/13 1:00pm5/10/13 1:00pm

Crocheted Bane face mask keeps you warm while you're terrorizing Gotham

We can't promise that this crocheted face mask by Etsy seller Rose Pope will make you any easier to understand than Bane was in The Dark Knight Rises, but it certainly looks a good deal more comfortable to wear. Pope is selling these masks for £60, but due to high demand, there's a waiting list for this cold-weather… »3/09/13 2:00pm3/09/13 2:00pm

Every Batman Actor's Face Morphed into One Perfect Bruce Wayne

Still debating on which Hollywood representation of Bruce Wayne was the very best? No need to anymore. Here is a shot of every single actor who has played the live action superhero morphed into one perfect Batman. It includes Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, and Christian Bale. This comes from… »12/31/12 5:00pm12/31/12 5:00pm

Catwoman concept art shows off Selina Kyle's Catsuit that never was

A new batch of Dark Knight Rises concept art is focused on Selina Kyle's closet. Check out this massive collection of shots from Anne Hathaway's costume and prop designers — including four different variations of her razor heels, an amazing Hathaway head maquette that wears a hand-scuplted lace mask, and a collection… »12/26/12 3:10pm12/26/12 3:10pm

Bane explains the importance of fiber in these Dark Knight Rises "outtakes"

There are two reasons why you should watch this Dark Knight Rises comedy video, despite the likelihood that you overdosed on them months ago: 1) it's about Bane, but isn't about Bane being unintelligible, and 2) hearing this guy's uncanny impression of Tom Hardy's weirdly genial supervillain worry about his… »12/10/12 10:40am12/10/12 10:40am