Best and Worst Science Fiction/Fantasy Movies of 2012

This was a pretty good year to be a fan of genre movies. More and more low-budget movies had the courage to tackle science fiction and fantasy themes, and meanwhile Hollywood seemed to step up its game a little. But at the same time, there were still tons of boring sequels and prequels, and mountains of crap. » 12/19/12 9:00am 12/19/12 9:00am

Biggest Box Office Hits and Misses of Summer 2012

This was another brutal summer, where movie titans did battle. And now that it's over, some films stand tall and victorious, while others lay dead in the killing fields. Back at the start of the summer, we asked you which movies would be a sleeper hit, and which movies would be a surprise flop. Now it's time to find… » 8/13/12 12:13pm 8/13/12 12:13pm

10 Rules of Blockbuster Movies that Hollywood Forgot

It's halfway through the summer movie season, and there's a lot of hand-wringing about the state of the Tentpole Film — yes, in spite of Avengers. This year has seen some huge high-profile flops, plus some massive films that underperformed Stateside. And meanwhile, some of the biggest films in the pipeline are having… » 6/26/12 10:00am 6/26/12 10:00am

Dark Shadows could make all other vampire movies obsolete

Many people will probably say that the problem with Dark Shadows is that it can't decide if it's a comedy, or a gothic weirdfest. They are missing the point. It is neither. The "humor" in this movie is an anesthetic. The "weirdness" is a needle. Neither is an end in itself, something you'll only realize as the last of your … » 5/11/12 9:00am 5/11/12 9:00am

Which Underdog Movie Could Be This Summer's Sleeper Hit?

Every summer, there's at least one smaller movie that breaks out of the pack. A film that's not based on a huge comic book or toy franchise, with a budget under $100 million. Even though summer is supposed to belong to the big superhero and toy movies, there's always at least one upstart that surprises everybody. A » 5/04/12 1:40pm 5/04/12 1:40pm

9 clips from Tim Burton's Dark Shadows deliver great style and terrible …

We're still not sure what to make of Tim Burton's Dark Shadows. The costumes and sets are so gorgeous, we kind of want to smother ourselves in a wad of polyester out of sheer Michelle Pfeiffer necklace envy. It's just so beautiful. But the dialogue we've heard so far has been hit or miss, and the jokes are... strange. … » 4/30/12 2:15pm 4/30/12 2:15pm

33 Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies that Could Rock Your Summer

This year's summer movies just won't let up. There's Joss Whedon's Avengers, Chris Nolan's third Batman film, and Ridley Scott's long-awaited return to space horror. Plus maybe a dozen other movies that look like they could be totally fantastic. Here's our complete list of 32 movies coming out between now and September … » 4/23/12 2:13pm 4/23/12 2:13pm

Massive Doctor Who Spoilers, Major Iron Man 3 Casting, and More Dark…

There's a brand new set of crazy rumors for The Dark Knight Rises. And a brand new Avengers clip showcasing a confrontation between Bruce Banner and the Black Widow. Plus Iron Man 3 casting news gives us a huge set of plot hints. And there are some huge spoilers for Amy Pond's Doctor Who swansong. » 4/23/12 6:00am 4/23/12 6:00am

Which movie will be this summer's biggest surprise flop?

It's almost summer movie season! The time when Hollywood releases a flood of giant tentpole movies, each of them with massive budgets and blockbuster hopes. And with huge, star-studded movies coming out almost every weekend, some of them are bound to fail. Every summer, there's at least one film like Speed Racer or » 4/18/12 12:21pm 4/18/12 12:21pm

Yet Another Crazy Dark Knight Rises Rumor, Plus a Killer Avengers Clip!

Just for old time's sake, we examine a ridiculous rumor about Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Dark Knight Rises character. A new Star Trek set photo reveals Spock's latest action sequence. Plus more Skyfall details, James Cameron talks Terminator, and the first Dark Shadows reactions! » 4/17/12 6:00am 4/17/12 6:00am

The Motherlode of Spoilers for Avengers, Robocop and Prometheus!

There are tons of rumors about the mysterious extra scene that The Avengers allegedly filmed after its world premiere. Plus there are massive Robocop casting rumors! Noomi Rapace tells you everything you need to know about her Prometheus hero. » 4/16/12 6:00am 4/16/12 6:00am

Alfonso Cuarón's astronaut epic Gravity really does begin with a single …

Christopher Nolan talks Dark Knight Rises villains, while Joss Whedon hints at a Captain America character's fate. Plus a crucial Doctor Who casting update, and more on Man of Steel, Lock-Out, Fringe, American Horror Story, and the Short Circuit remake! » 4/12/12 6:00am 4/12/12 6:00am