Dark Souls Player Conquers His Own, Tougher Version Of The Game

TheUrbanOrb claims he’s “not a masochist,” but consider this: no shield blocking, getting hit, or leveling up. These are a few of the self-imposed restrictions he struggled through during a recent Dark Souls run, the end of a multi-year journey that began when his dream of playing the piano was taken away. »5/18/15 11:36am5/18/15 11:36am

4 Dark Souls 2 Lore Gaps I Hope the DLC Will Fill

This week, Dark Souls 2 will launch its first DLC episode, "The Crown of the Sunken King," which is going to be followed by two more episodes in August and September. As of right now, it seems like that might be it for the Dark Souls universe, at least for a while. I do believe there will be a third Dark Souls game,… »7/21/14 12:26pm7/21/14 12:26pm