If only Transformers: Dark of the Moon was as good as its concept art

Transformers: Dark of the Moon may not have been our huckleberry, but the film's concept artists did an exemplary job drafting legion upon legion of stab-happy robots. For your perusal, here's some of film's finest artwork. » 7/04/11 12:30pm 7/04/11 12:30pm

I'm somewhat disappointed there aren't dozens of storyboards depicting…

Can Fake Drug-Induced Superpowers Cure Depression?

Michael Rapaport thinks he can fly, even when he’s landed face first on the floor. But at least he has a sunnier outlook on life. In new indie flick Special » 11/03/08 12:32pm 11/03/08 12:32pm, Rapaport plays Les Franken, a meter maid whose unremarkable life gets a much-needed dose of excitement when he enrolls in a trial for an experimental…

Warner Steps In To Show DC How To Play With Their Superhero Toys

For everyone who's been complaining that DC Comics don't know what to do with their characters... You're not alone. Parent company Warner Brothers is, according to reports, stepping in to work with DC to create a cohesive strategy for how to handle the Justice League of America, Teen Titans and Metal Men (amongst… » 7/12/08 7:00am 7/12/08 7:00am

Trapped On A Post-Apocalyptic Highway, In A Robot Truck

All of a sudden, I'm desperate to read Junot Diaz's new science fiction novel — just as soon as he can finish it. Diaz, who just won the Pulitzer Prize for The Brief And Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao, a book littered with nerdy references to Star Wars and comics, shared a brief excerpt from his new novel-in-progress, … » 4/16/08 3:30pm 4/16/08 3:30pm