How Darkseid Can Visit Smallville Without Embarrassing Himself

While we hope and pray that the rumor about Darkseid appearing in the next season of Smallville »8/31/08 1:00pm8/31/08 1:00pm has no basis in truth whatsoever, the fact that the makers of the CW's most frustrating hour of television have already made Brainiac into a schoolteacher points towards it being real with the Source's very own flaming…

Superman, Batman Face Their Mortality And Morality In Final Crisis

Marvel's Secret Invasion may be the comic book getting all the press right now, but DC's Final Crisis is truly the big idea event comic of the year. At least, if the latest interview with writer Grant Morrison is anything to go by. A seven-part series involving all of the DC Universe and detailing what happens when… »4/16/08 1:37pm4/16/08 1:37pm