Clone Wars finally gives us the Darth Maul/Palpatine battle we've been…

Ever since Darth Maul took center stage in the most recent Clone Wars arc, we've been waiting for Chancellor Palpatine to step out of the shadows and school Maul as Darth Sidious. Finally, Palpatine has arrived to enforce the Rule of Two, while Obi-Wan Kenobi decides to take a page from Anakin's playbook. S » 2/03/13 1:00pm 2/03/13 1:00pm

Archer gets a cyborg co-star & Palpatine confronts Darth Maul

This week in the world of cartoons, Palpatine appears on Clone Wars, Kraven the Hunter goes...well...hunting on Ultimate Spider-Man, and we add Archer to the SMC lineup. Yes! » 2/02/13 7:00am 2/02/13 7:00am

The first clip features some great aerial shots and comedy.

Clone Wars once again proves that it's the ideal venue for Darth Maul

One of the things that Clone Wars does especially well is to develop characters who were poorly developed in the prequel trilogy. And, after a lackluster performance in the season opener, Darth Maul has become an exciting character to watch as he and Savage continue their renegade Sith act. Last episode, Maul and… » 1/27/13 3:00pm 1/27/13 3:00pm

Green & Red Lanterns square off while Deathstroke appears on Young…

This week in the world of cartoons, Obi-Wan's former love wages war against Death Watch & Darth Maul, a misunderstanding leads to a battle between the Green and Red Lanterns, and one of DC's great 1980s villains appears on Young Justice! » 1/26/13 7:00am 1/26/13 7:00am

Hal Jordan conjured an emerald fishing pole to trap a…

The guy who put zombies in the Star Wars universe is sending Darth Maul…

Joe Schreiber's zombieriffic Death Troopers and its sequel, Red Harvest, were among the most interesting things to happen to Star Wars lately. Now the horror writer is returning to the Star Wars universe — and we've got the exclusive reveal right here. » 1/24/13 12:20pm 1/24/13 12:20pm

Darth Maul & Savage Oppress team up with Death Watch on Clone Wars

This week in the world of cartoons, Darth Maul, Savage Oppress, and Death Watch join forces to eliminate Obi-Wan Kenobi! Really, that should be enough. Electro also appears on Ultimate Spider-Man, and we might be seeing the end of Discord on My Little Pony. » 1/19/13 7:00am 1/19/13 7:00am

The Mandalorians of Death Watch semi-interrogate…

New Clone Wars clips show just how much trouble Darth Maul will cause

Now that Darth Maul has returned to the Star Wars universe, we can expect him and his brother, Savage Opress, to kick up more mayhem in the fifth season of Clone Wars. But Maul isn't the biggest, baddest Sith Lord in the galaxy; Darth Sidious will finally show himself in the flesh, and he won't be happy. And what has… » 7/17/12 7:30am 7/17/12 7:30am

The Obi-Wan/Darth Maul Rematch You Waited 13 Years to See

This week kicks off with the season finale of Clone Wars, one of the most awaited half hours of sci-fi television this year! Not to be left out, DC Nation brings it with new episodes of Green Lantern and Young Justice, along with some hilarious shorts. Archer vomits too. MAJOR spoilers ahead!
» 3/17/12 7:00am 3/17/12 7:00am

Once Maul's body…

The Monstrous Return of Darth Maul to the Star Wars Universe on Clone…

Clone Wars reaches its peak as Darth Maul returns, Archer's wife comes back from the dead, and we preview this week's DC Nation in what may be the largest edition of Saturday Morning Cartoons yet! As always, minor spoilers ahead! » 3/10/12 7:00am 3/10/12 7:00am

The second clip is spoilerific and shows Darth Maul's new form and rather…

A Sneak Preview of Darth Maul's Return & My Little Pony's inspired take…

Clone Wars takes the week off, but we've got a sneak preview of the season finale featuring an appearance by Darth Maul! This Saturday morning also brings clips from this week's episodes of Adventure Time, Archer, and a couple of new reader request shows! Minor spoilers ahead! » 2/18/12 7:00am 2/18/12 7:00am

French fast food chain offers Darth Vader burger with black Dark Side…

How do you show your allegiance to your side of the Force? Is it with your deeds? Your affinity for wearing black cloaks? Putting the title "Darth" before your name? A French burger chain wants Star Wars fans to choose their side of the Force by choosing their burger. » 1/07/12 3:00pm 1/07/12 3:00pm

Star Wars: The Clone Wars will bring Darth Maul back from the dead

Killing off Darth Maul in the The Phantom Menace probably wasn't the best idea, especially when Lucas and Co. spent the greater part of the film building up the Sith, only to have him sliced in half. But true Star Wars fans know that this wasn't really the end of Darth Maul. And now the Clone Wars TV series has found… » 10/12/11 1:48pm 10/12/11 1:48pm

Weirdest, Wrongest, and Most Befuddling Playthings of Toy Fair 2011

Toy Fair is filled with many delightful and edifying doodads. It's also jam-packed with bric-a-brac that's unsuitable for all ages. Here are some of Toy Fair's most bizarre baubles. » 2/14/11 2:00pm 2/14/11 2:00pm

Top 10 best moments from Star Wars Celebration V

Last weekend, Orlando was filled with wampas, Ewoks, Jedi Knights, droids and Rancors, for the Star Wars Celebration V. Jon Stewart went toe-to-toe with George Lucas on stage, deleted scenes were revealed, and R2D2 got married. Here are the highlights. » 8/16/10 7:00am 8/16/10 7:00am

Five Superhero Movies We're Glad Didn't Get Made

Click to viewWith The Dark Knight set to follow Hancock, Wanted, The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man into the theaters and hearts of cinemagoers worldwide, it seems that this really is the summer of movie superheroes. But what about Will Smith's earlier attempt to be a superhero and all the other superhero also-rans that… » 7/06/08 2:00pm 7/06/08 2:00pm