Darth Vader Now Has an Evil C-3PO and R2D2. I Like Them Already.

The new Star Wars series starring the Dark Lord of the Sith is finding a lot of success in one small conceit: Darth Vader is a lot deeper than anyone thinks. » 3/26/15 4:08pm Thursday 4:08pm

This Gorgeous Darth Vader Statue Is For Gawping At, Not Posing

Earlier this year, Hot Toys unveiled their wonderful 1:6 scale Darth Vader, which you'll be able to pose and do with as you see fit later this year. Sideshow have now unveiled their own take on the Sith Lord, and while he's not as moveable as his Hot Toys counterpart, he's still wonderful to gaze at nonetheless. » 3/04/15 4:50pm 3/04/15 4:50pm

Medieval Darth Vader Is Equal Parts Petrifying, Impractical And Amazing

I'm willing to bet that on an actual Medieval battlefield, this Star Wars inspired suit of armour may not be the most practical bit of kit. But just as a thing to look at? Well then yeah, holy crap, it looks downright incredible. » 2/02/15 5:43pm 2/02/15 5:43pm

After This Star Wars Art Challenge, You'll See Vader In a Brand New Way

The Facebook group Brainstorm does a new art challenge every month, and this month's is a great one: Redesign Darth Vader and/or stormtroopers. It's a shame we'll never see any of these on the big screen. » 1/20/15 12:30am 1/20/15 12:30am

A Cool Darth Vader Re-Design, Complete With... A Mini-Death Star?

Concept Artist Steven Chinhsuan Wang posted this cool redesign of Darth Vader design to Artstation recently, and while it's a nifty design for Star Wars' Sith Lord, the most interesting thing about it is the crazy lightsaber design. You thought The Force Awakens' Crossguard Lightsaber was weird! » 1/11/15 1:05pm 1/11/15 1:05pm

This Darth Vader Toy Comes With The Coolest Lightsaber Attachment

There's a lot to like about Square-Enix's Variant Play Arts Kai line - usually its willingness to offer batshit stylised versions of popular characters. But what I think I love about this Darth Vader the most is the awesome swishy lightsaber he has. I dare you to look at that and not make lightsaber noises! » 12/26/14 10:19am 12/26/14 10:19am

Building the Force: When L.A.-based Westside UrbanForum handed out its annual architecture awards, it bestowed cheeky "Darth Vader Awards" on a pair of memorable structures: Peter Zumthor's "foreboding, jet black LACMA expansion," and Renzo Piano's Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Museum, which has a "… » 12/25/14 11:20am 12/25/14 11:20am

Victor Von Doom goes toe-to-toe with Darth Vader in this amazing Art

The Dark Lord of the Sith might have gone up against Batman recently, and that's all well and good - but what would happen if he brawled with everyone's favourite All-Caps leader of Latveria? Comic artist icon Alex Ross imagined just that in this awesome piece of work. » 11/26/14 4:37pm 11/26/14 4:37pm

​Fight Between Batman and Darth Vader Ends Exactly the Way It Should

It's the kind of thing fans have argued about for ages: Could the Dark Knight take down the Dark Lord of the Sith? » 11/26/14 4:59am 11/26/14 4:59am

James Earl Jones Will Voice Vader On Star Wars Rebels—And Soon

Since Star Wars Rebels is set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, it makes sense that Darth Vader could pop up from time to time. And James Earl Jones will again loan his baritone to Vader in an extended version of the pilot episode. » 10/09/14 1:20pm 10/09/14 1:20pm

Not even Darth Vader can escape the madness of Play Arts Kai

Ah, Variant Play Arts Kai, that action figure bastion of minimalist design and modesty. Square-Enix's toy line hit Tokyo Game Show last week with a few sneak peeks at some upcoming figures - including this rather extravagant first entry in a line of Star Wars toys. » 9/22/14 3:04am 9/22/14 3:04am

Darth Vader Will Run For President of Ukraine

In perhaps the most unexpected turn of events in Ukrainian politics, RT News says that Darth Vader, Sith Lord of the Galactic Empire, has declared himself a candidate in the Ukrainian presidential election. The political force is strong with this one. » 3/29/14 6:20pm 3/29/14 6:20pm

Comment of the Day: Darth Vader, An Alternate History

In today's comments we shared recipes for chocolate-covered salmon (there are more than you'd think), learned how to reconstruct an 18-foot oarfish using a bit of tech and a lot of imagination, and imagined the 30-second chat that could have stopped Darth Vader before he started. » 10/30/13 4:20pm 10/30/13 4:20pm

Darth Vader is hilariously unintimidating with Little Anakin's voice

What if Darth Vader's voice modulator broke and he reverted to sounding like Jake Lloyd again? The results may surprise you, but they will almost certainly make you laugh. » 9/19/13 8:20am 9/19/13 8:20am

A guy in a Darth Vader suit may have run the hottest mile EVER

This past June 30th, as part of the Darth Valley Challenge — an insane annual event where people run through Death Valley in their favorite Star Wars costume — Jonathan Rice ran a mile in 6 minutes and 36 seconds. It was 129 degrees at the time, so that might actually be a world record! » 7/03/13 6:20am 7/03/13 6:20am

Caption this comic for a chance to win a copy of Vader's Little Princess

In Darth Vader and Son, cartoonist Jeffrey Brown asked the question, "What if Darth Vader raised Luke Skywalker?" Now he's giving Leia the same treatment with Vader's Little Princess. Want to get your hands the book for free? Write a caption for this Vader/Leia moment for a chance to win a copy. » 4/06/13 9:30am 4/06/13 9:30am

Darth Vader has no idea how to get to Tokyo Disneyland

It seems like the Dark Lord of the Sith and his small Stormtrooper retinue got a bit lost on their way to Tokyo Disneyland's Star Tours event. The trio wander about Tokyo and the nearby countryside, enjoying the sites, listening to a little shamisen music, and, uh... getting attacked by fresh fish. And is that Darth… » 3/20/13 9:50am 3/20/13 9:50am

Please speak up so the Dark Lord of the Sith can hear you

They say in space no one can hear you scream. But in Darth Vader's E-3778Q-1 life support armor, it can be pretty difficult to hear much of anything. You'd think as elaborate as his suit is, it'd have some kind of hearing aid - or at least a volume control - but I guess not. No wonder he's so cranky throughout the… » 1/07/13 4:46pm 1/07/13 4:46pm

How to make your voice sound like Darth Vader

Darth Vader wouldn't be Darth Vader without James Earl Jones — no doubt about it. But that doesn't mean you can't try to recreate his spine-chilling voice with the help of some reasonably accessible audio tools — and you don't have to be a recording engineer to do it. Here are some neat ideas (along with some video… » 12/03/12 3:31pm 12/03/12 3:31pm

Church lawn display sees Luke Skywalker accepting Jesus, rejecting…

It's unclear which congregation is behind this wonderfully weird mannequin theater, but here is Luke Skywalker rebuking one parthenogenetically born poppa for another. Is this canon? Can this be canon? Please? » 10/11/12 9:45am 10/11/12 9:45am