"Darwin Day" is being officially considered by Congress!

Resolution HR467 has been reintroduced into the US House of Representatives. If passed, it would officially designate February 12, 2014 as "Darwin Day," recognizing "the importance of science in the betterment of humanity." » 1/31/14 1:40pm 1/31/14 1:40pm

Happy Darwin Day, you damn dirty ape-cousins!

It's Darwin's birthday, and that means it's Darwin Day! Founded in 1993 by molecular biologist Robert Stephens, Darwin Day is recognized as a global celebration of science, humanity, and reason. A day to revel in our evolutionary nature. To marvel at the Universe. To celebrate life, new and old. » 2/12/13 1:49pm 2/12/13 1:49pm

10 Science Holidays to Get Your Geek On

Have you ever felt like getting some people together and toasting something in the name of science? If you have, then you may have already noticed that of the eleven federally recognized U.S. holidays, not a one of them has anything to do with science. » 1/23/12 10:09am 1/23/12 10:09am

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