Victim of Lichtenstein's Copying Draws A Comic About His Experience

Roy Lichtenstein's pop art frequently involved taking existing comic book panels, copying them, and placing them in a new context. In this compelling comic, artist Russ Heath describes his experience as one of Lichtenstein's inspirations and the charity that has helped him out in times of financial hardship. »11/12/14 4:20pm11/12/14 4:20pm


A summer comic smorgasbord of mutants, Predators, and Dana Scully

What's in comic shops Wednesday? A lot of new X-titles, the Predators comic book sequel, and the X-Files meets 30 Days Of Night. Comic-Con may be next week, but there's plenty of four-panel action on the racks.

The X-books are having a particularly big week. The Second Coming crossover wraps up in X-Men: Second… »7/13/10 12:30pm7/13/10 12:30pm

New Beginnings And Pretty Pictures Dominate This Week's Comics

After the cathartic experience of last week's election, the comic industry is obviously looking to move onto new beginnings this week, if the raft of new series is anything to go by. We have supernatural forensic teams, superheroine envy, a beautiful art book and even a comic version of a novel that will make many of… »11/11/08 12:00pm11/11/08 12:00pm

10 Comics Creators We Wish Would Make Movies Instead Of Frank Miller

Click to viewWe used to love Frank Miller, before his comics work turned into schlocky self-parody. But even in his prime, Frank wouldn't be our first choice to direct a semi-major Hollywood movie, so we're sad that Miller's getting his shot at the brass ring with The Spirit. We can think of ten comics creators off… »8/12/08 10:01pm8/12/08 10:01pm

Justice League Movie Takes Us Back to the Origins of Green Lantern and the Martian Manhunter

Justice League: The New Frontier comes out on DVD tomorrow, a straight-to-DVD release based on writer/artist Darwyn Cooke's series DC: The New Frontier. This is part of a trend of Warner and DC releasing original animated films on disc that might never have seen the light of day otherwise, beginning with last year's … »2/25/08 2:20pm2/25/08 2:20pm