The Mathematical Formulae That Will Help You Get Dates

In a charming TEDx talk at Binghamton University last year, complexity expert Hannah Fry applies her math skills to romantic relationships. Watch as she explains how pattern theory may help you get dates, how to use optimal stopping theory to pick a spouse, and how an understanding of negativity thresholds can help… »5/02/15 3:30pm5/02/15 3:30pm

Girly girls and manly men are more realistic about their dating prospects

One of the most important skills to have if you're looking for dates is knowing whether somebody else is interested in you. According to psychologists who studied speed dating, this is actually an incredibly difficult skill to master. But one group is almost always accurate in their predictions of who wants to date… »5/31/11 11:00am5/31/11 11:00am

Mathematicians figure out how to fend off gold-diggers - with game theory

As any man will tell you (especially in the weeks before Valentine's Day), gift-giving is a tricky business. Although men can use gifts to enhance their chances of getting laid, this can also leave them vulnerable to "gold-diggers" (a highly scientific term that describes women who use the promise of sex to get stuff… »2/04/11 7:44pm2/04/11 7:44pm