Details About Red Dwarf's Revival Finally Emerge

After weeks of rumors » 9/20/08 8:00am 9/20/08 8:00am and , the real details of the return of Brit sitcom have finally been revealed... kind of. We now know how many new episodes (Yes, there's more than one), how many clip shows and where everything is going to be broadcast, but certain other details are still being kept under wraps for fear of‚Ķ

What Is Going On With The Red Dwarf Comeback?

It only seems like last week that we were being told that classic UK SF sitcom Red Dwarf » 9/02/08 8:40am 9/02/08 8:40am would be returning for a special one-off hour-long episode to be filmed next month (oh wait: last week). But now that plan seems to have been replaced by four half-hour episodes of new and old material. This doesn't necessarily‚Ķ