Rebels Concept Art Makes Us Long For More Hand-Drawn Animated Star Wars

We adored the CG Star Wars TV series Clone Wars and we're enjoying Star Wars Rebels, but this concept art that Rebels showrunner Dave Filoni has shared just reminds us how cool it would be to see another 2D animated Star Wars show. » 2/27/15 5:30pm 2/27/15 5:30pm

Concept Art Sketches for the Clone Wars Stories We Never Saw

The final batch of Star Wars: The Clone Wars made its debut on Netflix on Friday — and now, here's a glimpse of what we might have seen if the show hadn't been canceled. » 3/11/14 6:23pm 3/11/14 6:23pm

Clone Wars' final season turns Order 66 into a Hitchcockian thriller

Today, the full run of Clone Wars was released on Netflix, including the entirety of Season Six, which never aired on television. It's a beautifully executed set of episodes that, despite a few bumps, fills in a lot of details not covered by the prequel films—starting with Order 66. » 3/07/14 2:24pm 3/07/14 2:24pm

Check out the first art from the new Star Wars TV series, Rebels

Feast your eyes on the first art from Star Wars Rebels, Lucasfilm's followup to Clone Warsincluding the show's logo! » 7/28/13 7:00am 7/28/13 7:00am

Disney reveals its new Star Wars cartoon, Rebels

It isn't a first look, exactly, but Disney has announced its new Star Wars cartoon, which will be called Rebels. Here's everything we (now) know: » 5/20/13 10:01am 5/20/13 10:01am

Guess which classic Star Wars character is coming to Clone Wars next?…

Now that Chewbacca has put in an appearance in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which much-loved character from the original trilogy will be the next to show up? » 4/04/11 8:30am 4/04/11 8:30am

The greatest Jedi of them all comes to Star Wars: The Clone Wars at…

Forget Anakin. Forget Obi-Wan, even Yoda. The greatest Jedi is Quinlan Vos, the loner who ruled Dark Horse's Star Wars comics. Check out your first clip of Quinlan on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, making a hell of an entrance. » 11/02/10 6:40am 11/02/10 6:40am

Secrets of Clone Wars season three: Just how grown up will Ahsoka get?

Star Wars: The Clone Wars comes back tonight, with more awesome droid-on-clone battles and lightsaber-wrangling. To celebrate, here's an exclusive image of the evil Asajj Ventress. We talked to star Ashley Eckstein and director Dave Filoni about what to expect. » 9/17/10 3:35pm 9/17/10 3:35pm

What to Expect From Clone Wars' Dark Second Season

Clone Wars returns tonight with a season that promises to be far darker than the last. We've seen several episodes from the new season and talked to the creators and cast about the new faces and moral shades of gray. » 10/02/09 10:00am 10/02/09 10:00am

Meet the Bounty Hunters of the Clone Wars

The coming season of Clone Wars will feature not only the battle between Clone Troopers and battle drones, but a colorful new crew of characters: the galaxy's deadliest bounty hunters. Check out concept art of these hunters for hire. » 9/23/09 10:53am 9/23/09 10:53am

Clone Wars Director Hints That There May Be Clone Romance in the Series

Click to viewEarlier this week, I got a chance to sit down with Dave Filoni, director of the Clone Wars movie coming out next Friday, and ask him some burning questions about the new animated flick and TV series. Most importantly, I asked how the clones in the series are going to overcome their programming and become… » 8/08/08 7:00am 8/08/08 7:00am

Ten Reasons Why the Clone Wars TV Series is Going to Rule

Click to viewOf course you're nervous about the new Star Wars: Clone Wars movie, and the 100-episode Clone Wars TV series that will begin airing on Cartoon Network this fall. Maybe you feel a little burned by episodes I-III, or the idea of an animated series gives you burning visions of Jar Jar. But have no fear,… » 8/04/08 10:30am 8/04/08 10:30am