The Webcomic Adventures Of A Victorian Girl Detective Who Sees Ghosts

Each story in the Victorian webcomic anthology Agnes Quill has a different artist and a slightly different tone, from a horror pulp about a man whose legs go missing during a magician's act to a lighthearted mystery about ghosts who invite a human to their party. But each stars the same charming gal who sees ghosts. » 6/18/14 12:15pm 6/18/14 12:15pm

Saturday Webcomic: At Astronaut Academy, love means literally losing…

Astronaut Academy is not your typical school. For one thing, it's out in space, in a zany corner of the future populated by security guard bears, robotic doppelgängers, and elven space princesses. And instead of football or basketball, the school's most popular sport is Fireball, a dangerous lacrosse-like game played… » 2/16/13 8:30am 2/16/13 8:30am